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Hacker Bruce Raisley Behind Bars For DDoS Attacks

A US court has sentenced a hacker vigilante to 24 months in prison for infecting 100,000 computers with a botnet used to launch DDoS attacks on media websites.

Bruce Raisley of Kansas City, Missouri, was arrested six months ago after police officials had found that the hacker had created a virus that was used to bombard select media websites that were running a story on him, with DDoS attacks.

Raisley earlier worked as a volunteer for the Perverted Justice organisation, which, along with the police and NBC show ‘To catch a predator’, used hidden cameras to apprehend adults who were looking to have sex with underage children.

Perverted Justice founder, Xavier Von Erck, after a fall out with Raisley, created a fake ID, pretending to be a woman named Holly. Von Erck then made Raisley fall for ‘Holly’, prompting the hacker to leave his wife for his online ‘lover’.

When the whole story got out, Raisley created a malicious virus to infect thousands of computers which were then manipulated into launching DDoS attacks against websites that were carrying articles about him.

Raisley has been sentenced to two years in prison. Along with the prison sentence, Raisley has also been sentenced to three years of supervised released and has been asked to pay a fine of $90,386.34 for damages caused to the websites by his DDoS attack.