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Late News: Huawei Profits Up By 30%, eBook Sales Surpass Traditional Book Sales, Office 365 Beta Released

Chinese telecom equipment maker Huawei reported a massive 30 percent rise in profits in 2010 and revealed details of its board members in a bid to improve the company’s image. The privately held firm revealed its annual financial report that it had made a net profit of 23.8 billion yuan or $3.64 billion in 2010, 30 percent more than 18.3 billion yuan in 2009.

As eBook sales surpass sales of paperbacks, publishers and some authors have warned about the growing threat of piracy to the publishing industry. The eBook market crossed a new milestone when the Association of American Publishers revealed that eBooks had raked in $90.3 million in sales, selling more than traditional books, which generated $81.2 million in sales.

Congressman Jesse Jackson Jr, might have found a culprit for America’s rising unemployment rate – the iPad, even though he owns an iPad himself. Jackson was commenting on Borders Books’ recent bankruptcy when he suggested that the iPad had been devouring the market share of publishing companies.

Software giant Microsoft has released the public beta version of its cloud-based Office 365 productivity suite. The limited beta, which will be followed by a wider public launch later this year, will be accessible to small businesses and enterprises which register themselves on the Office365 website.

Devices that come with embedded wireless local area networking (WLAN) component will ship 1.2 billion units this year. According to a study conducted by iSuppli, the shipments of WLAN enabled devices will increase by 35 percent this year to 1.2 billion from 880.4 million units in 2010.