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Playstation 3 Sales Hit 50 Million Mark Confirms Sony

Sony has announced that its PlayStation 3 game console has hit the magic figure of 50 million purchases worldwide.

It has been nearly 5 years now since the massively popular game console was released by the Japanese tech giant.

A report on The Telegraph (opens in new tab) revealed that 3.5 million units of the console were shipped by the company in the year 2006 alone, followed by 9.1 , 10.1 and 13 million respectively in the next three years.

However, Sony did not forget to mention that the figure is actually the “sell-in-number”, which represents the number of consoles sold to retailers only and not necessarily to end users. Nevertheless, it still portrays the enormous popularity of the product.

Earlier in January, Sony rival console maker Microsoft had confirmed 50 million worldwide purchases of its Xbox consoles.

Sony also stated that as of April 3rd, a total of 8 million PS Move controllers were sold worldwide which, of course is considered to be another milestone for the company as it has been only a few months since the product was launched in September, last year.

The statement released by the company also confirmed a record 1 million sales of the product in the first month of its launch alone.

Now, having reached this milestone, it will be really interesting to see what approach the company takes in order to reduce the lead Microsoft is enjoying so far in the console market.

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