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Predicted iPad Sales For 2011: Over 30 million Units

We have new predictions on Apple’s iPad success. Carolina Milanesi, Vice-President for mobile devices at research company Gartner, after communication with components suppliers, suggested we could be talking about a sales volume of 40 to 60 million units. Gartner's (opens in new tab)own prediction of a few weeks back, sees almost 48 million iPad sales in 2011, more than half of the total amount of tablets that will be sold globally – 70 million units.

Recent reports from RBC Capital Markets seem to be more “realistic”, envisioning 28 million iPads being sold this year; Q2 is expected to bring in around 7 million sales.

The opinions are divided, although most of the reports seem to point at the 30 million mark, despite Milanesi’s statement. IDC forecasts Apple to sell 30 million iPads, out of a total of 50.4 million; Ticonderoga Securities projected a global shipment amount of 31 million and Needham & Company has a similar prediction as IDC.

The number of iPad users could increase even more, to more than 100 million by 2012, Gartner reports. This boom could be backed up by the fact that PC users “are migrating” towards tablets and the iPad could be the biggest beneficiary. Also, there is going to be extra-coverage for slates, with Intel joining the tablet market and even offering a $10 “subsidy” for each Intel-based tablet, trying to tighten the competition with ARM-based chips.

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