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Publishers, Authors Claim Ebook Piracy On The Rise And Damaging Sales

As eBook sales surpass sales of paperbacks, publishers and some authors have warned about the growing threat of piracy to the publishing industry.

The eBook market crossed a new milestone when the Association of American Publishers revealed that eBooks had raked in $90.3 million in sales, selling more than traditional books, which generated $81.2 million in sales.

According to an article on PC Pro, The Publisher’s Association has warned about rising piracy complaints lodged by authors in the past year.

The trade body said that it had received 831 piracy complaints just last week, sending 2,194 take down notices in the process.The association also revealed that it had sent out 32,000 take down notices to websites.

In a bid to tackle eBook piracy, the Publisher’s Association has set up a website that will allow authors and member publishers to file piracy complaints for swift action.

“It’s colossal. It’s really got big over the last year, I guess because so many people are buying ereaders. Everything I have ever had published is out there now. We all saw the damage this did to the music industry. It isn’t a bunch of Robin Hood geeks – it is very organised. You can call it file sharing or piracy or whatever, but they are thieves,” crime writer David Hewson said in a statement to Metro.

Some writers, such as Neil Gaiman and Cory Doctorow, have taken a different approach, arguing that file-sharing is not as harmful as publishers claim. Doctorow offers most of his books for free on his personal website.