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Samsung Galaxy S gets upgraded to Gingerbread

Mobile phone network Vodafone has made public Samsung Galaxy S handsets running on their network can now be upgraded to the latest version of Android, in version 2.3.

Vodafone announced the news to their customers in a message posted on their support forum, which details exactly what the new version of the Google OS brings to the device.

Android ‘Gingerbread’ 2.3 delivers to the Samsung Galaxy S a simpler and slicker enhanced user interface, with easier copy and paste features, a new virtual keyboard, improved power management, better both front and back camera management, along with the ability to switch to 2G – which was missing from Android ‘Froyo’ 2.2.

Samsung’s method for updating the Galaxy S isn’t from an over the air deployment, instead it’s from connecting the phone to a computer.

The mobile manufacturer’s desktop software Kiess notifies of the update arriving where it can be downloaded and installed from a PC, where the new version of the mobile OS is i9000BUJV4.

This isn’t the most common way for Android updates to be installed, but it does have the added advantage of not impacting on the data allowance of the phone’s accompanying tariff .

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