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Samsung To Launch 2GHz Dual Core Smartphones In 2012?

Samsung Electronics is apparently looking to launch a dual core system on chip that can reach speeds of up to 2GHz, a SoC that may apparently not be exclusive to Samsung Mobile, as is currently the case.

A senior official at the company told Korean news outlet Daum that the company will release a 2GHz dual core CPU by next year, which may have the data processing capabilities of a regular PC and should be available under the Exynos brand.

Getting others like HTC or Sony Ericsson to use the chipset will ensure that Samsung Electronics benefits from the boom in the sales of smartphones. At the moment, Nvidia and Qualcomm appear to be the biggest winners with Texas Instruments and Samsung Electronics lagging behind when it comes to overall unit sales.

There are two Exynos SoCs currently on the market, the 4210, clocked at 1GHz and an unknown model, which runs at 1.2GHz and powers the Samsung Galaxy S II. It is likely that the model launched next year would be an evolution of the current Exynos range, since ARM Cortex-A9 models are designed to operate at up to 2GHz.

At that frequency, they're supposed to consume 1.9 W and reach up to 10K DMIPS using TSMC 40G technology. The current Exynos range is manufactured using a 45nm manufacturing process.