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Study Reveals IT Departments Reluctant Over Cloud Adoption

A new study has revealed that IT departments are still reluctant to move to the cloud owing to privacy and security issues.

According to a study conducted by IT outsourcing firm Accenture and the London School of Economics, there exists a wide gap between business people and IT department when it comes to cloud computing.

A report on PC Advisor citing the results of the study revealed that business people don’t believe that privacy and security are much of issue with the cloud while IT departments are reluctant to move to the cloud over vendor lock-in, security and data privacy issues.

The study polled more than 1,000 businesses and IT executives along with around 35 executives from market leading cloud services providers to find out the level of cloud penetration in the industry.

“One of the very interesting findings was there was a clear gap between business people and IT people. Business people said they didn't see security and privacy as an issue around cloud. IT people conversely saw data privacy, lock-in and security as much more of a problem,” Andrew Greenway, global cloud programme leader for Accenture, said in a statement.