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UK Named Fifth Freest Nation Online By Freedom House

The UK has been named the fifth most internet-freedom friendly nation in the world according to a new report from the NGO Freedom House.

According to the report, threats to internet freedom are growing at an escalating rate and have become diverse. Threats to internet freedom include cyber-attacks, government sponsored censorship and some business decisions.

“Even in more transparent, democratic environments, censorship decisions are often made by private entities and without public discussion, and appeals processes may be onerous, little known, or nonexistent,” the report states.

The Freedom House report says that Estonia, the US, Germany and Australia have the most internet freedom in that order.

Freedom House developed an internet freedom metric that ranks countries' internet freedom from zero to 100, with zero being the maximum freedom and 100 the most restricted, The Register explains.

Estonia, the first place, received 10 points in the internet freedom scale while the UK got 25 points. A countryh has to receive 30 or less to rank in the top tier of internet freedom.

Iran, Saudi Arabia and China were named some of the most restrictive countries, Iran ranked worst with 89 points.