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1TB Encrypted External Hard Disk Now Available

Origin Storage has just launched Datalocker 3 a new external hard disk that provides whole hard disk encryption capability.

Datalocker 3 has the following extra benefits compared to its predecessor DataLocker 2; USB3 support, RFID for dual factor authentication and a backlit LCD on the drive.

We quizzed Andy Cordial, Managing Director of Origin Storage, on the need for a backlit LCD on an external hard disk.

“In the previous version, some customers had problems viewing the keypad when typing in their encryption access key in lowlit areas, so we added the extra functionality. As Datalocker 3 now supports a 31 digit access code in alphanumeric format – customers don’t want to make mistakes that could lock the out of their drives.”

The downside of Datalocker 3 is that it is not currently FIP 140-2 approved. According to Andy Cordial from Origin Storage; “FIP 140-2 support will be available by end of 2011 but if this is an issue, customers can still purchase Datalocker 2.”

Datalocker 3 comes in three sizes 320GB, 640GB and 1TB and pricing has yet to be disclosed.