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2012 Olympics to boost UK 3D TV sales

The take-up of 3D TV has been less than stellar so far, but one company's research shows that major sports events coming next year will give the industry a welcome boost.

Korean telly maker LG conducted a survey of 2,000 Brits and found that 37 per cent of them were thinking about buying a 3D TV in order to watch coverage of the London Olympics in 2012. Another 25 per cent said that the Euro 2012 football tournament might persuade them to upgrade their 2D sets.

More than half also said that the next TV they buy would be 3D-capable, presumably when their existing hardware breaks down.

LG has gone down the route of using specs with cheaper polarising lenses, rather than the more expensive and cumbersome 'shutter eye' technology. This means it can afford to give away seven pairs of glasses with every 3D TV is sells, and flog extra pairs for as little as two quid.

The survey also showed that 75 per cent of respondents has seen at least one 3D movie at the cinema, and that 65 per cent of those polled thought the final instalment of the increasingly gloomy Harry Potter franchise would become the most popular 3D movie ever.

You can see LG's 3D Cinema TV range in action at this year's Gadget Show Live event at Birmingham's NEC, on our sister site