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Angry Birds Exclusive Version Coming To Nokia C7

Nokia is coming up with an exclusive version of the massively popular game Angry Bird in its new C7 Smartphone, the company has revealed.

This new version of the game will be equipped with the NFC (Near Field Communication) technology, meaning that users will be able to look out for other “Angry Birders” around them, thus adding an extra dimension to the game. The revelation was made at this week’s WIMA conference.

According to a blog post by Nokia, the five levels of the game stays as normal. But after a certain point, the users will need to find a buddy with an NFC enabled phone because of the inter-spliced nature of the remaining levels. Finding a buddy will eventually result in unlocking five more levels. Thus, to unlock all the 15 levels, it’s mandatory for one to have three buddies equipped with the technology.

Mikael Hed from Rovio, the company responsible for delivering this spectacular game said in a statement, “With Angry Birds Magic, friends can group together to combat the pig menace, in a new take on the game that so many people all over the world have fallen in love with”.

He continued, “This is an exclusive offering with the Nokia C7, a Smartphone that really kicks off the NFC experience for developers”.