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Apple Changes Popularity Algorithm For App Store

After several IOS applications experienced a sharp shift on the official Apple Apps stores bestseller list, rumors about changes made in the ranking algorithm has gathered strength.

The possibility was first reported by analytics firm Flurry last week when they found a sharp change in the most popular free apps.

According to Flurry (opens in new tab), Apple is considering more than just the total number of downloads and is focusing on measures that are favorable to few applications. Some applications like Facebook, Netflix and Pandora significantly gained in position. Facebook is currently reported to be in the No.1 position while Netflix climbed to No.20 and Pandora climbed to the No. 7 position on the list.

Based on the applications that went up and down, developers assume that Apple is now putting emphasis on daily and monthly use in its new algorithm, forcing some app developers to adjust their tactics.

Apple is not the first company to adjust its ranking algorithm; their main rival Google initiated the practice on the Android marketplace earlier this month. As with the changes to Google search engine algorithm earlier this week it will take some time to determine the overall fallout from the change.