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Apple Divorces Samsung With Legal Proceedings

The lawsuit that Apple has slapped Samsung with is the latest bitter episode between the two companies, which have been both precious partners and competitors at the same time for the last decade or so.

Apple apparently signed a deal to acquire nearly $8 billion worth of components from Samsung back in February, making it by far its biggest client. At the same time though Samsung has started to compete with Apple in a number of areas, the most notable being smartphones.

The success of the Samsung Galaxy range (the Tab, the S and the portable media range) proved that the Korean company has learnt quickly from Apple, while manufacturing some of the most critical components for the US electronics giant.

Some have wondered whether Apple's decision to take legal action against one of its closest partners doesn't stem from the fact that Samsung's products have become too good for their own sake (and for Apple's liking).

Indeed, the crux of the lawsuit filed by Apple lies in the fact that Apple considers the other devices to be clones of its own products. But then there are only a few ways a tablet can be designed or built, and while designs can be copyrighted, form factors can't.

Apple is taking a gamble here by trying to get rid of, as Larry Dignan from ZDnet puts it, a potential threat; but then, there are not many companies that can actually fill Samsung's shoes.