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Microsoft Selects 30 Computer Models To Redesign Targeting Fashion Conscious Customers

Software behemoth Microsoft has recently turned its focus on developing designer PC’s to target the fashion conscious users. With this decision Microsoft is moving from only producing software to designing products that are objects of envy.

The newly designed PCs are simply branded as The Collection and Microsoft is already aiming to showcase 30 select PCs to get a new style makeover. The PC models selected by Microsoft are from 9 different manufacturers. According to Microsoft, The Collections will be available to the public in five different categories: Professional, Gaming, Everyday, Entertainment and Mobile Companion. Microsoft has indicated that they want to launch three Collections each year.

According to Microsoft (opens in new tab)the change in focus will help it to compete with Apple products which have gained market share in recent years due to Apple's focus on innovative and designer products. Although Microsoft doesn't manufacture PCs it is often associated with generic, functional PC towers.

This move from Microsoft comes after a recent survey conducted by the firm found that nearlythree quarters of respondents regarded their PC as a style statement. Ashley Highfield, managing director of Microsoft UK, said this move will mark the end of the era of the beige box.