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Apple Sues Samsung, Alleges Galaxy Phone Violates Apple's Patents

Apple has sued Samsung alleging that the Galaxy line of smart phones incorporates several features that infringe upon patents that Apple holds for the iPad and iPhone.

Apple claims (opens in new tab)that patents related to the look and feel of iPhone and iPad and some key features such as the use of “hand gestures” have been copied by Samsung in its Galaxy phones.

The lawsuit, which was filed in the Northern California District Court, accuses Samsung of “blatantly copying” these features and claims that the Galaxy product range has an uncanny similarity with Apple’s product offering.

Samsung, whose Galaxy tablets currently seem to be the only viable alternative to the iPad, has strongly denied the allegation and says it will defend its intellectual property rights vigorously .

As the competition for the tabled market gathers speed, the current lawsuit is seen in some corners as another means for Apple to preserve its market dominance.

The Galaxy phones operate on the Google Android platform, considered to be a major threat to the iPhone. Analysts predict that we will see more suits and counter suits between smartphone manufacturers in the future.