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Apple Testing New iPad 2 LED Backlight

Although the iPad 2 has had a very successful launch, one of the glitches complained about by early users was a bleeding backlight. Now it seems Apple is looking to address the issue as there is evidence Apple is testing a new LED backlight, the Digi Times reports.

The information seems to have originated from Everlight Electronics, a company that has distributed samples of its LED backlight products to Apple. It’s safe to presume that Apple is testing these components to see if they would be a good fit for the iPad2, as they are intended to be used in tablet-style devices.

Apple’s move is understandable, as not long after shipping started in March, some customers started complaining about the LED backlight “bleeding” around the corners of the screen.

For Everlight Electronics, which has a history of 28 years and currently has manpower of almost 6,400 employees, delivering components for Apple could potentially lead to huge gains. Recent reports suggest that there could be more than 30 million units shipped in 2011.

On Sunday, Toys R Us became the eighth official iPad 2 retail partner for Apple. That didn’t however quench the demand, as stocks were depleted immediately after the sale had begun.