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Does Mysterious iPhone 4 Mean 64GB White iPhone 5 Is A Dead Cert?

The Vietnamese website that brought one of the few pictures of the iPhone 4 has published an interesting four minute video that shows a white version of the iPhone 4 with an unseen version of iOS 4 and 64GB worth of memory.

This exotic version of the iPhone 4 - posted by Tinhte (opens in new tab) on (opens in new tab) - looks like a prototype and comes with a few features that haven't made it to the final version, like an Expose multi-tasking page with a Spotlight menu on top, a dedicated game, Facebook integration and home screen folders interface.

The OS number, 8A216, appears to be genuine and may include pointers as to what the next version of iOS 5 may include when it is launched later this year.

If these videos are indeed genuine, it means that Apple may be toying with the idea of having a 64GB white iPhone 5, something that would appear an overkill for most of us except maybe a few aficionados.

Furthermore, if rumours are indeed verified, Apple may be willing to roll out cloud computing capabilities on the iOS 5 making extra storage capacity less relevant. That said, many commentators have noticed that the device seems to have been jailbroken.

We expect the iPhone 5 to be presented on the 6th of June 2011 on the first day of Apple's Worldwide Developer Conference in San Francisco.

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