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Google Allows U.S. Users To Edit Maps

In a move aimed at giving more flexibility to its users, search engine giant Google has allowed users of its highly popular Google Map service to edit and make relevant changes to the map of United States.

The company believes that the move is likely to bolster the usability of its service as relevant user generated content can enrich its local database and help others who are looking for meaningful localised information.

The changes can be made via the Google Map Maker (opens in new tab) service and once the changes made by users are approved by the moderators, the changes will be visible to all users.

The Google Map Service incidentally is available in 183 countries and people have already used the service to create detailed maps of cities, colleges, road networks, etc.

Google has also introduced a set of new features into its mapping service which include street level perspective, ability to locate edit points of interest besides host of advanced search features.

Even though the tool allows nearly anyone to make changes to their neighbourhood maps, the changes only get reflected once they are approved. Google it seems is going for a two tier moderation structure where besides its in-house moderator team; other users too can verify the accuracy of changes made into a map.

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