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Google Invests $100 Million In Shepherds Flat Wind Farm

With an eye on venturing into the clean energy sector, technology major Google has invested a whooping $100 million into the Shepherds Flat Wind Farm which happens to be the largest of its kind in the United States. With this investment Google has upped its total spending on clean energy to $350 million.

Google’s funding of Shepherds Flats comes less than a week after it invested $168 million in Brightsource’s Ivanpah solar power tower. It is the highest single investment Google made in any clean energy venture followed by the latest Shepherds Flats Farm which is the largest in term of solar power investment.

Google is known to be a huge consumer of energy, which it uses to power thousands of computers around the world that supports its search and other web services. Google has actively invested in clean energy over the last few years, especially in wind and tidal energy. The company has also invested in the Atlantic Wind Connection in October last year. This particular power station is the backbone which powers offshore windmills by connecting undersea cables across the Atlantic.

Apart from Google, General Electric is another significant investor in Shepherds Flat Wind Farm which spans over 30 square miles in area and expected to cost $2 billion in total and will produce enough electricity to power 235,000 homes by the year 2012.