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Grooveshark Defends Its Legality And Makes Official App Available For Download

Grooveshark has hit back at the music industry by making its official app available on its own website, which was abruptly removed from the Android market following a complaint raised by the RIAA (Recording Industry Association of America).

In an open letter to the music industry, shared exclusively with the Digital Music News, the streaming music service from US has lashed out at the complainants by claiming that the service it offers is totally under the restrictions imposed by the US law against piracy.

The letter read: “there is nothing illegal about what Grooveshark offers to consumers”.

The company also said that Google is yet to inform them about the possible reasons that resulted in the exclusion of their official app from the Android market.

Claiming that they operate under the Digital Millennium Copyright Act of 1998 (DMCA), the company further wrote: “there is a distinction between legal and licensed. Laws come from Congress. Licenses come from businesses. Grooveshark is completely legal because we comply with the laws passed by Congress, but we are not licensed by every label (yet).”

The company also reassured that they would defend their name and their ideals for the sake of their users. The letter ended with an appeal made to Google and Apple to immediately make the apps available to the users again.