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Hacker Takes Credit For Hacking European Space Agency, Posts Evidence

A hacker named Tinkode has claimed responsibility for hacking into the servers of the European Space Agency.

To establish his claim, the hacker has posted sensitive usernames and passwords of email accounts belonging to the people associated with the agency along with explicit details of root servers, FTP accounts, admin accounts, editors and databases.

The hacker, who was also responsible for breaking into the Royal Navy website, also posted details of ESA’s logs on his blog (opens in new tab). Tinkode also claimed that he had sent an email to the ESA, informing them about the hack.

The log contains terms like ‘calibration sources’, ‘satellite special activities’ and ‘mission event’. Meanwhile, after the attack, which took place on April 17th, the ESA’s website was up and running.

According to The Register (opens in new tab), security firm Sophos was not able to verify the attack but confirmed that the hacker was telling the truth.

“Hopefully the ESA is changing its passwords and looking at its website security as a matter of some urgency. If users are using the same password in multiple places then they would be wise to adopt a more sensible password policy ASAP,” a Sophos spokesperson said in a statement.