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iTunes update gives iOS that syncing feeling

Apple has released version 10.2.2 of its iTunes media mangling software.

Love it (Mac users) or hate it (the rest of the world), iTunes is a necessary evil for anyone wanting to use an Apple iGadget without resorting to the murky world of jailbreaking, and this latest update is intended to fix a number of issues that have seen some iPads getting stuck in an installer loop, and all iOS devices taking longer than necessary to update photos.

It also fixes a problem with some video previews on the iTunes store as well as the usual stability and security fixes.

It's a minor update which you should install whether or not you have any of the above issues, although owners of jailbroken gadgets would be advised to wait until the usual suspects have approved the move before diving in, as one or more of those 'security fixes' will almost certainly kick you out of Apple's walled garden.

The 24.5MB update is available through the usual System Update channels or direct from Apple here.