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Kids Are New Target For iPad 2 Sales

Kids across the US could become proud owners of an iPad 2, as Toys 'R' Us has cut the ribbon for the sale to begin, thus becoming the eighth authorised retailer, after the Apple Store, AT&T, Verizon, Walmart, Radio Shack, Best Buy and Target.

This choice of store partner by Apple is very revealing, as it symbolizes just how far Apple is stretching out. It must be hard for many tech aficionados to imagine that the iPad 2 could become a knick-knack for little ones.

The iPad 2 is likely to have the same price, although you will have to pay a little more, if you want to get the Smart Cover also. There are hundreds of stores across the country, check out their website to see if there’s a store nearby.

Despite being a new iPad 2 retailer, the short supply is affecting Toys R Us also. As Cnet states, “don't expect to waltz into a Toys R Us today and get one. In the Los Angeles area, only select Toys R Us stores got a shipment of iPad”.

The high demand that the iPad 2 is enjoying, is also a reason for frustration for many customers, as recent disputes over at Best Buy show. Others however, have benefitted from this, and are cashing in to the tune of around $2000 a week, by reselling iPads overseas.