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Late News: Samsung Sells Off HDD Business, Sony Ericsson Reports Drop In Profits, Yahoo Data Retention, iPad 2 Backlight

Electronics major Samsung has signed a deal to sell off its HDD business to Seagate Technologies for a reported sum of nearly $1.38 billion. The sale is seen as key move by Samsung to steer itself clear of the highly competitive HDD business which works on low margins and focus its attention on the memory chip business

Communications firm Sony Ericsson has reported a drop in profits and revenues for the first quarter of 2011 amidst some concerns about its supply pipeline being affected by the recent earthquake in Japan.

On Friday Yahoo changed its existing policy of data retention, which preserved search data for three months, and has now increased the retention period for user search data to 18 months. The decision comes as a shock to privacy advocates who argue that user data should be deleted on a regular basis, and a privacy backlash is possible in the days ahead.

Software behemoth Microsoft has recently turned its focus on developing designer PC’s to target the fashion conscious users. With this decision Microsoft is moving from only producing software to designing products that are objects of envy.

Although the iPad 2 has had a very successful launch, one of the glitches complained about by early users was a bleeding backlight. Now it seems Apple is looking to address the issue as there is evidence Apple is testing a new LED backlight, the Digi Times reports.