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Meego Mobile OS Gains Support From LG

With Nokia dumping Meego for Microsoft’s Windows Phone 7 platform, the Linux-based mobile operating system has garnered support from mobile phone marker LG.

After being deserted by Nokia, chip maker Intel formed a consortium with Asian companies to develop a handset version of the Meego operating system

The consortium includes companies like ZTA, Tencent and China Mobile. Reuters (opens in new tab)reports that Korean mobile phone maker LG has joined the consortium to develop systems based on the OS.

“At this point in time LG has no definitive plans to mass produce devices with meego other than car infotainment systems,” a LG spokesperson said in a statement.

Intel has also established an innovation centre with Tencent, which will focus on building applications for Meego that can be run on multiple devices. The Intel-Tencent partnership will make all kinds of apps including gaming apps.

Tencent owns the largest online portal in China and specialises in gaming. Working with other Chinese firms, Intel wants to ensure that it launches Meego-based devices in the largest mobile phone market in the world.

Tablet devices running Meego are already available on the market but the OS has yet to make an appearance on smartphones.