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Nintendo's Successor To The Wii Expected To Have Touchscreen

Adding to the rumors about the successor to Nintendo's Wii console at the E3 conference, new reports claim that the console’s controller will feature a six-inch screen.

According to an article on IGN, the upcoming new Wii console, which is codenamed Project Cafe, the controller will feature a six inch screen that will allow users to stream games from the consoles to the controller. The controller will also act as the Wii Sensor bar.

The article mentioned that the controller will feature dual analog sticks along with the D-Pad and trigger buttons and will be similar in design to the Nintendo Cube.

IGN sources also reveal that the company intends to unveil first and third party games at the E3 in June.

Another rumor indicates that the next generation Wii console will feature hardware architecture similar to Microsoft’s Xbox 360 but will be more powerful.

Rumors of Project Cafe first started when Nintendo decided to lower the price of Wii in the US from May 15th, indicating that the company is preparing the market for a massive product launch.

The original Wii was hailed as a highly innovative platform, setting a high bar for its successor.