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OGT Mobile Reveals Ultra Thin iPad 2 Rival

A little known outfit called OGT mobile may have come up with one of the more impressive iPad 2 rival tablets, one that weighs just 550g and very thin at just 7mm, making it the world's thinnest tablet, beating the Samsung Galaxy Tab S II hands down.

According to Android Central who managed to extract some details from the manufacturer, the tablet comes with a 1GHz system on chip, which at the very least will be based on the Cortex A8 like the Apple iPad.

It comes with 16GB or 32GB onboard memory, with a microSD card reader, optional 3G, Wi-Fi, a five-megapixel rear camera and a three-megapixel front camera, not unlike the RIM Blackberry PlayBook tablet, in fact it almost looks like a twin brother.

It is the screen though that is the centrepiece of the tablet; OGT Mobile did not state its size, but we belileve that it is a 7-inch model with a 16:9 format ratio and a resolution of 188 ppi, which is roughly equal to the RIM Blackberry PlayBook and higher than the XOOM and the iPad 2.

The startup hasn't yet said whether the tablet will be powered by Android Honeycomb or by Gingerbread, but the fact that it will be available later this year offers a number of interesting possibilities. Note that there will be a docking station as well.