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Oracle Simplifies Large-Scale Computing With Coherence

In an attempt to strengthen its position in the large-scale distributed computing market Oracle has come up with its own Coherence data grid software.

According to the company, the new software will be far less complicated than a majority of the other products floating around on the market, but will not be as efficient.

"One of the things we didn't do so well early on was make the technology easily usable," Cameron Purdy, vice president of development, Oracle said in a statement.

"So we've made some pretty significant investments in making things easy to use." he added.

The new version of Coherence is likely to feature more than five hundred changes since its previous version.

One such major change brought in the Coherence 3.7, the latest version is the support for flash drives.

Addressing the issue of introducing support for flash drives, Cameron Purdy said "We've extend[ed] our capacity for storing data beyond the RAM and onto the flash device, ….This is pushing Java into a new strata."

Coherence 3.7 is also likely to be equipped with multiple other improvements as well, which should together make its deployments easier overall.