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Rumour: Sony's PSP Go handheld console has gone

Reports emanating from Japan are suggesting that gaming giant Sony has finally given up on the PSP Go portable gaming system.

The Go, which is a cut-down version of the original PlayStation Portable with a sliding screen and no UMD optical drive, has failed to make a major impact on the handheld gaming market - not least because it wasn't as good as the device it was intended to replace.

Now it seems like Sony has called time of the failed experiment, with one Japanese retailer suggesting that the production lines have ground to a halt and that Sony's Japanese store is no longer selling, or stocking the troubled gadget.

It's quite possible that production plants until recently used to make the PSP Go are being retooled to churn out the forthcoming Next Generation Portable (NGP) which Sony will no doubt be hoping turns out to be a more popular successor to the venerable PSP than the current incumbent.

The PSP Go was released in October 2009 and was widely criticised for being too expensive. Cutting the price and bundling ten free games in 2010 did little to boost sales, which were rumoured to be as low as 1,000 per week by some industry insiders.

Sony has never released official sales figures for the failed console and probably never will.