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Sophos Accuses Facebook of a 'Conspiracy of Silence' Over Public Security

Security outfit Sophos has accused Facebook of creating a 'conspiracy of silence' when it comes to subscriber security.

The company's technology consultant Graham Cluley recently wrote an open letter to the social networking giant telling the company that it had major concerns about its safety and privacy after years of previous contacts.

The letter offered a three-point plan to make the service safer for the half a billion users currently signed up, according to thinq_

Cluley was asked if f any response had been forthcoming from Facebook. The answer was a resounding "No".

"A lot of people say that users need to take responsibility, and to an extent that's true," said Cluley. "Users do need to exercise some care about what they post on social networking sites like Facebook. But they also need a safety net - and I think software vendors and web sites owe them a duty of care.

"We hear a lot from Facebook about their user numbers, that they're the size of a large country," he added. "But countries have social security systems - and Facebook needs to look after its people."

Turning to the social networking giant's apparent lack of response, Cluley sounded doubtful of any swift solution to Facebook's security issues:

"The conspiracy of silence speaks louder than words. I think they just want this problem to go away."