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Sophos Outlines Request For Facebook To Protect User Data

UK security firm Sophos has asked Facebook to take its users privacy more seriously with a three-point plan for enhancing the privacy and security of its users.

The appeal came in the form of an open letter (opens in new tab)on the Naked Security blog, written by the blogger and security analyst Graham Cluley. However, since it contains the signature “NakedGun”, it is believed to reflect the security firm's official stance

The letter points to three issues that the Sophos team wants to see Facebook address: protecting users' privacy by default, allowing only vetted and approved third party app developers on their platform and providing Facebook access via a secured connection.

The brief letter ends by saying, “Why wait until regulators force your hand on privacy? Act now for the greater good of all. Your users tell us that these are issues they want resolved. So our question is simple: when do you plan to act?”

Facebook has come under heavy criticism for its treatment of user privacy over the years. Although the company claims that it puts users in control of their data, critics point out that it has a strong financial incentive to make user data available to as many companies as possible.