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Sourcefire Introduces New Intrusion Prevention Products

Leading network security solution provider Sourcefire Inc has rolled out a new series of intrusion prevention system (IPS) hardware and software products that are tailored towards delivering better security to corporate customers.

In its newly introduced 3D8000 series, the company has included a proprietary network processor called FirePOWER, designed to speed up the classification and tracking of network data.

The new hardware also consumes considerably less power and companies incorporating the solution can also stack the systems to substantially increase the overall network throughput.

The company has also come out with a generalist solution designed for medium enterprises and has offered multiple versions such as IPSx250 Sensor which is tailored for 250Mbit/s network throughput along with the IPSx500 Sensor and IPSx1000 Sensors which are tailored for 500Mbit/s and 1Gbit/s throughput respectively.

Describing the benefits of the newly introduced solutions, Marc Solomon, Vice President of Product Management at Sourcefire said (opens in new tab), "With today's additions to Sourcefire's IPS portfolio and enhancements to the core technology, we are enabling customers to implement the exact solution to fit their configuration, price and performance requirements now and into the future."