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Upcoming Tablet Toshiba ANT Available From $450?

Toshiba is following the tablet trend and releasing an Android-powered device to the market, a recent leak suggests the name will be the Toshiba ANT, as well as revealing pricing and other specs for three versions.

Back in January, when it was first spotted at the Consumer Electronics Show, it was revealed it would run on Tegra chips and feature a 10.1 inch display, but didn’t yet have a name.

A few days ago a product listing for Toshiba’s new Android appeared on NewEgg, which shows three versions with pricing:

- the 8GB ANT-100 for $450

- the 16GB ANT-102 for $500

- the 32GB ANT-104 for $580

The tablets have been given the name ANT, which could very well be an abbreviation of “Antares", the name previous rumours had suggested. Another suggestion is that it stands for 'Android Nvidia Tablet' - after the Nvidia Tegra 2 processor used in the device.

Don’t try browsing on NewEgg’s website right now for them as you will not find anything, the tablets having since been removed, adding another shadow of mystery over Toshiba’s tablet. you can see the leaked screenshots from NewEgg on Tablets Planet (opens in new tab).

The tablet could be either the same tablet that we saw at CES or its direct descendent as it features:

- 1280 x 800 resolution,

- a 2.0MP front-facing webcam and a 5.0MP rear camera with autofocus,

- a battery life of 7 hours,

- Nvidia Tegra 2 CPU,

- 10.1" screen size,

- Toshiba Adaptive Display technology


- 1.7 pounds in weight; 0.6 inches in thickness

- Accelerometer

- Resolution+ Upconversion Technology

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