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US International Trade Commission Side With Nokia, HTC Against Apple

Much to the relief of Nokia and HTC, the US International Trading Commission’s (ITC) lawyers have recommended that the duo should not be held liable of infringing the patents from Apple Inc.

The ITC, represented by staff lawyer Eric Joffre, is acting as the third party on behalf of the public in this case. It revealed its official stand on the issue at the beginning of the trial today.

Apple, which was asking for a ban on the imports of all HTC mobile phones running on Google Inc.’s Android platform as well as a ban on some Nokia devices, reportedly suffered a major setback with this development.

However, the recommendations made by the ITC staff are not binding at the hearing.

Apple’s lawyer Greg Arovas said during the opening arguments (opens in new tab), “What makes Apple products so successful is not just what you see, but what’s under the hood.”

HTC's lawyer Robert Van Nest countered, “HTC is a smartphone innovator and pioneer in the smartphone sphere -- they were there long before Apple,”. He further added that “The fundamental differences from the Apple patents represent choices made by HTC and Google.”