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Verizon Says Advanced Persistent Threat Over Hyped

After being targeted by sophisticated hackers, search engine behemoth, Google has advocated a new term ‘Advanced Persistent Threat’ to denote such sophisticated and targeted attacks. Most believe these attacks are almost impossible to stop but Verizon seems to differ on this issue.

According to Verizon, Advanced Persistent Threat or APT is over hyped and now-a-days it has become an excuse for companies whose security system failed and who try to cover up the issue by saying they are the latest victim of APT. It must be noted that APT is a highly targeted data ex-filtration exercise which are primarily conducted through online spies and agents for a particular nation.

However, most cases analyzed by Verizon included a large number of compromised systems belonging to small businesses and it was easy to ascertain that these were not the work of any state sponsored cyber-criminals but the handiwork of ordinary hackers. These hackers usually target small businesses instead of large companies as their online security is not very good and even police are less likely to act if their systems got hacked.

According to Verizon many companies still fear about insider attack, however according to survey more than 90 percent of all attacks are external. Moreover, Bryan Sartin, Verizon’s director of investigative response reported that 78 percent of all attacks resulted in stolen data from bank cards which is something APT data-stealers never look for and only data related to national security are prime targets of APT attacks.