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£199.99 Sony PS3 Console And PS3 Move Bundle

Sony’s PlayStation 3 gaming console, coupled with the company’s Move motion sensing gaming device, promises to be the ultimate living room entertainment centre for you and your entire family.

Let’s begin with the PS3 console first. Sony’s flagship video game console, selling 50 million units worldwide since its launch, is a high performing gaming console that packs powerful graphics that result in a larger than life video gaming experience.

The console with a massive storage space of 320 GBs that is likely to cater the storage requirement of any hardcore gamer. If you have a 3D TV, then the console also comes with support for 3D games. Apart from gaming, the console also doubles up as an adequate Blu-Ray DVD player.

The console comes loaded with Netflix’s movie streaming service and Sony’s own music streaming service. You can also enjoy surfing the PlayStation Network that not only allows online multi-player gaming, but also offers media and in-game content to enhance the gaming experience.

Sony’s Move controller, like Microsoft’s Kinect, allows one to play motion sensing games. Sony and other third party game developers are offering a lot of games that will satisfy your casual gaming needs.

The Sony PS3 and Move bundle is available from Viking Direct for £199.99.