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Apple to launch iPhone 5 in September

According to anonymous sources in Hong Kong, Apple will out the iPhone 5 in September 2011.

According to Reuters, three 'people familiar with the matter' have predicted a late summer release for the fifth generation of Apple's ubiquitous smart phone which will look to all the world identical to the current model.

The biggest change on the inside, however, is likely to be the inclusion of the dual-core 1GHz Apple A5 chip currently powering the iPad 2.

Other persistent rumours have suggested that the iPhone 5 could come with a bigger four-inch screen, internal antennas rather than the troublesome steel band which was the source of Apple's Antennagate woes, and the replacement of the glass back panel with a less scratchtastic metal version, much like the original curvaceous iPhone.

Apple has recently broken many of its unwritten rules about the timing of product launches so we wouldn't be entirely surprised to see the iPhone 5 sporting iOS 5, which is expected to be heavily reliant on the catchword of the day, the cloud.

All of this is, of course, nothing more than rumour and conjecture and we won't be holding our breath on the basis of information gleaned from mysterious 'people familiar with the matter', their good friends 'anonymous sources' or even 'fat bloke down the pub'.

The iPhone 5 will arrive when it's good and ready, and until Steve Jobs strides onto a stage somewhere in California clutching it in his sweaty mitt, everything else is just gossip.