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Birth Control Problems for World Wide Cloud

The World Wide Cloud (WWC) will have to overcome a number of challenges before it can be proper entity. Many are predicting that the World Wide Cloud will be the next disruptive technology building on the World Wide Web. Essentially the World Wide Cloud will provide compute technology available to anyone with a browser or dumb terminal.

Speaking at an interview at Infosec 2011 both Phil Lieberman (Lieberman Software) and Professor John Walker (ISACA and Bastion Software) –felt that before WWC can be properly birthed a number of standards and security mechanisms need to be in place.

Phil Lieberman was concerned about issues of identity management where should a user take advantage of an application from one cloud provider and need to link this into an application from a second cloud provider, how would their identity be properly passed on and perhaps even to a third and fourth cloud. This had two issues – the first in preventing identity theft and the second in the cloud vendors knowing that the user was authorised to use their applications.

Professor Walker agreed and added that there would also need to be proper auditing and logging mechanisms in place as the user moved from cloud to cloud to ensure that the bad guys weren’t abusing this new paradigm. Professor Walker also asserted that the WWW had grown in such a disorganised manner that the standards for WWC were essential to prevent the same amount of confusion as to how to connect and operate within different clouds.

However based on history, one thing was certain – whether controls and standards were in place or not – if businesses and users find that there are major cost savings and benefits then it is unlikely that these issues will prevent the creation of WWC.