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Court Rules Out BT, TalkTalk Claim

Stringent efforts to curb illegal file-sharing as proposed in the Digital Economy Act may be in the offing as leading Internet Service Providers, BT and TalkTalk have lost a judicial challenge against the controversial legislation.

The Digital Economy Act proposed a host of measures to deal with illegal file downloading and these include the provision of blocking the Internet access of repeat offenders.

The challenge to Digital Economy Act was nixed at a hearing in the London High Court where the challenge brought by ISPs was removed on nearly all legal grounds including “basic rights and freedoms”

ISPs however plan to challenge the ruling and a TalkTalk spokesman mentioned “We're disappointed that we were unsuccessful on most of the judicial review. On the question of the proportionality of the act, we're pleased the judge identified issues but disappointed that he felt that the evidence of the futility of the measures imposed by the act, and the cost and harm they will cause, is not sufficiently definitive enough at this stage to uphold our claim”.

While ISPs may logically be disadvantaged by the current ruling, the music industry is definitely experiencing a relief as illegal downloading today leads to significant revenue loss. With the plans of sending warning letters to illegal downloader likely to go ahead in near future, the figures for illegal file-sharing in UK just may come down.