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Facebook Removes, Restores Picture Of Two Men Kissing

Facebook recently found itself on the wrong side of a fresh controversy following the removal of a picture of two men kissing from an user’s Facebook profile.

Robynn Webb, who uploaded a profile pic of two guys kissing, received an email from Facebook moderators saying that the content of the photo was not appropriate as per the rules and guidelines of the website and was therefore removed.

Facebook rules prohibit content that contains nudity or sexually suggestive images, as well as content that explicitly encourages illegal activities, but this boilerplate language is seen mostly as legal protection, and it's not clear how often these terms are usually enforced.

But surrounding the controversy is the fact that the concerned pic had no nudity at all. Also it didn't seem to contain anything that could be called sexually provocative, especially for a site that is infamous for containing embarrassing pictures of its users.

Webb brought up the issue in a blog (opens in new tab)post, “I woke up this morning to an email from Facebook with the subject 'Facebook Warning'." He added, "It seems that the sight of two fully-clothed men kissing was too much for Facebook.”

After the incident sparked fury, particularly in the gay community, Facebook shifted its position and went into a damage control mode by restoring the picture.