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Facebook Tightens Security Features, Introduces Two-Factor Authentication

Popular social networking site Facebook has taken a significant step ahead in strengthening its security framework for young users in order to protect them from cyber bullying and other online risks. By pushing the new security changes Facebook is trying to make itself a more trusted brand amongst its 500 million user base.

The new safety feature includes a Family Safety Centre which will carry articles for parents and teens about Internet safety and privacy. Moreover it will provide a free guide for teachers. Another safety feature is integrated Social Reporting Tool which allows young users to notify a trusted adult if they are bullied on the site. Apart from the main page, Facebook included this feature into Profiles, Pages and Groups.

Two-Factor Authentication is another security feature that prevents unauthorized access to your Facebook account by asking you to enter a new code every time you try to log in to the site. Moreover, HTTPS support from now on will be compulsory on Facebook site unless and until the user moves to any non-HTTPS application.

The new security measures, should possibly serve as an answer to the open letter by Internet security firm Sophos which wasn’t quite impressed safety and privacy issues on Facebook.