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Fedora 15 Beta Codenamed Lovelock Available For Download

The Fedora Project has unveiled their first and only beta version of Fedora 15 available for download. This new product will mark an end to major changes in the Linux distribution and is scheduled for release in late May. The beta version of Fedora 15 is codenamed as Lovelock and is the first major Linux distro which integrates GNOME 3.

Fedora 15 is moving away from GNOME 2 and with GNOME 3 included we will see a host of changes in the programs interface which will make it easier to find and launch applications through attractive looking icons. Meanwhile Fedora’s closest desktop Linux rival Ubuntu has also worked on various changes in its system. Like Fedora 15, Ubuntu too has cleaned up its interface in its upcoming version 11.04 making applications easier to find.

However, Ubuntu has dumped GNOME and is using its own interface, Unity. Like GNOME 3, Unity also provides 3D multi-touch and gesture based support while working with various applications on its interface. Ubuntu 11.04 is releasing next week and users will get the option to opt for GNOME shell as a secondary boot option.

The new features included in Fedora 15 will include faster boot time and users can change the firewall settings without restarting it. Apart from this Fedora 15 will also include OpenOffice fork LibreOffice.