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Intel CEO Blasts Research Firms For Pessimistic Projections

Intel CEO Paul Otellini has lashed out at third party research firms like IDC and Gartner for their forecast of PC sales this year. While on a conference call regarding Intel’s impressive profit and revenue results in the first quarter, Otellini said that research firms aren't able to make accurate sales projections.

According to IDC and Gartner the PC market is going to take a dip in 2011 due to the increasing sale of tablet PCs. Otellini has rubbished the report and said that he is bullish about the PC market in 2011 and 2012. He also mentioned that Intel has been more accurate in predicting PC sales than any other third party research firm.

Otellini said that PCs sold through consumer retail outlets and mature markets remain visible while other channels like emerging markets are not reflected in forecasts from third party research firms.

Otellini also said that for third party firms make inaccurate projections because the emerging market is dominated by white-box manufacturers who use Intel chips. Moreover, he claims that just because a few manufacturers have fallen short of sales quotas doesn’t mean PCs aren’t selling well in general.

Otellini's optimism seems to be in line with the strong first quarter numbers that tech firms have been posting over the last few days.