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iPhone 5 To Start Shipping In September, Report Says

As if there weren’t enough rumours and gossip around the iPhone 5 launch date, Reuters has released a brief report that suggests production for the iPhone 5 could start in July with shipping beginning in September.

If we have a look at all previous iPhone introductions, we see that they were launched at year by year intervals: the first version - June 29, 2007, iPhone 3G - June 9, 2008, iPhone 3GS - June 8, 2009 and iPhone 4 on 7th June, 2010. Obviously, behind this time frame lies a detailed plan of actions, where production cycle is one of the most decisive factors.

To be able to honour the first orders, if eventually iPhone 5 gets launched this year, Apple has to start the production cycle at least 2 months before the release. Therefore, the chances are that the iPhone 5 will not hit the stores in June, a delay which also could be affected by the recent natural disaster in Japan.

Production could start either in July or August, three people with knowledge of the supply timetable mentioned, according to Reuters. If this is true, the iPhone 5 will see the light of day this autumn, although it may face the same issues as the iPad 2 at present – high demand. That is likely to happen if Apple “misses” its yearly June target. If iPhone 5 is not be launched in June or even postponed until 2012 it could mess up Apple’s plans for their other envisioned product launches.

Most of the rumours come from the parts of the world where iPhone components are being manufactured in Asia, by such companies as Foxconn, Largan Precision and Wintek Corp.

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