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MailOnline Named Second-Most Popular Online Newspaper

MailOnline, the internet version of the Daily Mail, has been named the second most visited online newspaper in the world. According to the web matrix company ComScore, Mail Online has moved ahead of Huffington Post, one of America’s biggest online publishing success stories which is now owned by AOL.

MailOnline has remained the most popular online newspaper for 13 months in the UK. Its popularity expanded beyond UK and today it is popular even in the US where trails just behind The New York Times. MailOnline (opens in new tab)catered to 39.6 million users in March this year which brings it to a total of around 4 million visitors everyday.

Huffington Post recorded a little over 38 million visitors during the same period. The New York Times which currently holds the No. 1 position managed to draw 61.9 million users during the same period. During the last 3 years MailOnline has seen a meteoric rise in popularity around the world; according to ComScore the site experienced a 27 percent increase in unique visitors during the month of March alone.

MailOnline is famous for its paparazzi shots of both Hollywood and British female celebrities, but it also has science and gadget news along side its tabloid fare.