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Microsoft Defends Its Intellectual Property Suit Against i4i

Microsoft Corp. has downplayed the possible weakening of patent law if the ruling of the ongoing i4i-Microsoft patent infringement case goes in their favor.

Thomas Hungar, the attorney from an Washington DC law firm who is representing Microsoft in the trial said in front of the Jury that the company had no intentions of “dismantling” the patent system.

He further said (opens in new tab)that if Microsoft wins the suit, it will have not impact legitimate patents or the intellectual property system as a whole.

After his long Question and Answer session with 7 of the Jury members, the attorney said that the software giant from Redmond, Washington itself possess a large patent portfolio, and that, it also uses patent law to protect its intellectual property.

Portraying the company’s views on the existing patent system, Hungar said, "Microsoft wants the patent system strengthened, and the patent playing field fair and balanced."

Earlier, a joint statement (opens in new tab)by the counsels of Facebook, Microsoft, Apple and Cisco said:

(opens in new tab) (opens in new tab)

“Allowing a bad patent to stand simply because it's propped up by the wrong courtroom standard will in fact undermine the system,”.

It continued, “The use of this heightened standard in these circumstances creates courtroom conditions that protect bad patents.”

Microsoft is challenging a patent held by Canadian firm i4i because it claims the patented product had been available on the market from other companies for over a year.