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Netflix Rolling Out Family Plan And Expands Facebook Presence

In the coming days Netflix users are going to see a host of new changes coming their way. The online video rental service and on demand video streaming provider posted this news in response to an investor FAQ which was later highlighted by Gigaom (opens in new tab). It is speculated that Netflix is preparing to roll out ‘family plan’ service and also expand its presence over social networking site Facebook.

According to Venture Beat, the upcoming family plan will probably allow Netflix customers to add multiple users to a single account with a discounted rate. As per Gigaom the plan would be more like a cell phone plan for the whole family who can add additional accounts at a discounted price.

This update was added by Netflix on the investor FAQ section with the heading, “What is Netflix’s market opportunity? Is your opportunity limited to the number of broadband households?” After this the company went ahead with its answer to explain its execution plans.

The company’s decision to expand its presence on Facebook is a wise decision as it will allow them to tap the vast opportunity available on the social networking site. However, Netflix is not the first company to offer such service through Facebook as Warner Bros is already offering streaming movie rentals through Facebook.

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