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Nintendo And Rockstar Rumored To Develop Grand Theft Auto For Wii2

According to recent rumors, Nintendo might well be provide Rockstar with the development kit for its forthcoming next generation game console Wii 2.

The rumor was first reported when the French website (opens in new tab) revealed that Nintendo has secretly assigned Rockstar a role in the development process of the much anticipated Wii 2 console, which the company is counting on to make a strong comeback in the gaming market.

If the rumors floating around the web are to be believed, Wii 2 will hit the market sometime this year.

According to the revelation made by the “whistleblower” site, Nintendo has included Rockstar in the Wii 2 team for developing new software, presumably the Wii 2 version of the popular Grand Theft Auto series.

Provided its true, the inclusion of Rockstar would give Nintendo's reputation a boost among hardcore gaming fans.

Also the fact that Wii 2 could be more powerful than the Sony PS3 and the Xbox 360, (at least according to the ongoing rumors), GTA 5 on the Wii 2 is likely to come as the best looking version yet.

Neither company has made an official statement regarding these rumors.