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Norwich City College Puts Student Data In Dustbin

Norwich City College violated the Data Protection Act by dumping sensitive student files in a dustbin, a recent investigation has revealed.

According to the Information Commissioner’s office (ICO), files containing personal information of around 80 students were found in ordinary bin bags ready to be disposed of. And to make things worse, some of those files reportedly contained sensitive medical details.

The ICO also said that this is not the first time that the college has been charged with disposing its tudents' personal information in such a careless manner.

Sally-Anne Poole, the acting head of enforcement said in a statement (opens in new tab), "From the moment personal information is collected to the time it is securely destroyed, organisations have a legal responsibility to abide by the principles of the Data Protection Act." She continued, “There is also a reputational risk for organisations with lax data protection practices.”

However she was pleased with the assurance from the college that they would take guard personal information more seriously from now on by taking immediate corrective measures.

Richard Palmer, the principal of Norwich City College also signed an agreement that the college is now liable for implementing a formal policy on confidential waste by May 1.